Lifestyle Tips

  • Trying every new diet plan in town may work for a while, in the long run you will feel deprived and eventually lose your will power to stay on the plan.
  • We recommend a gradual change in your lifestyle to include healthy eating. Eat what you love but reduce your portion size. Eating a bowl of ice-cream regularly because you love it is unhealthy, however a scoop of ice-cream over a small bowl of fruit occasionally will give you the same satisfaction without feeling deprived.
  • Address emotional obstacles, sadness and anger push most people to overeat. Food does not take care of emotional problems, we suggest you develop a more effective strategy to deal with your emotions
  • If your lifestyle involves eating out all the time, you need to plan ahead. Knowing the restaurant you are going and having an idea of what is on the menu will help you make better and healthier choices.

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